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Health & Wellness Life Coaching and Integrative Imagery

"I have so much to do and there's just not enough hours in the day!"  "I don't know whether to quit and take this other  job or not".  "My doctor told me what I have to do but I just can't get started!"  "I have to do this presentation but I'm really anxious about it."  "I'm so tired of feeling stressed all the time!" "I've been trying to stop smoking but there's so many people around me that do!"  "I have this huge project due in 2 weeks and I'm behind!"  "I'm so tired of clutter, clutter, clutter and I just can't get ahead of it!"


These are authentic issues from previous coaching sessions, and are just a few of the common issues that people face in their daily lives that can be effectively addressed through health & wellness life coaching.


Health & wellness life coaching is a 'whole person' and empowering approach to facilitate people discovering their own solutions. It is not therapy, counseling, or me as the coach offering's a self-discovery process! Sessions are light, flexible, and very importantly,  client-driven.

As a  National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and as an  American Holistic Nurses' Association certified coach, I am very passionate about helping people have the best quality of life possible!

For more information about my style of coaching and what to expect in a coaching session, click here.



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