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Life can be challenging and at times, a little overwhelming. Counseling offers the opportunity to explore the problems you face, and to develop strategies that improve our ability to effectively deal with those challenges. Trinity Integrative Care provides services offered by a Counselor licensed to practice in the State of Texas. We specialize in helping adults and children who have experienced anxiety, depression, or trauma. We believe we can help you to experience an improved quality of life. We offer both face-to-face contact as well as  phone or video conferencing.

Trauma is experienced by most of us at some time during our lives. However, prolonged exposure to trauma or high levels of stress can alter how our brain functions. Often the part of the brain that controls "fight or flight" becomes over-activated and the part of our brain that regulates or calms us does not function as well. This often results in  symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleep problems, chronic irritability and a number of other challenges.

Dealing with the Covid-19 crisis has been highly stressful for all of us. Prolonged exposure to these stressful events has resulted in many people struggling with high levels of anxiety and depression. Stressful events such as this over time can exact a price to our physical and mental well being, and adversely impact our daily quality of life.

At Trinity Integrative Care we are equipped to provide counseling in our offices in Tyler, Tx. and as a convenience to our clients, we also offer secure on-line video or teleconferencing through our client portal.

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