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Holistic life and wellness coaching is all about you feeling empowered to engage in a creative, interactive process to determine how to more fully reach your potential for fulfillment and optimal well-being.

The complexity of life places us in dilemmas that impact our quality of life or optimal well-being.


These dilemmas can be as little as trying to figure out whether or not to take a continuing education course, or they can be on a larger scale, such as making major decisions about a geographical move, a relationship, lifestyle changes, employment changes, or any other aspect of our life that influences our daily well-being.


Sometimes we don’t know what needs to change, and we need help finding our own answers. Sometimes we know what needs to change, but not sure about how to go about making that change.

Holistic coaching is all about me as your coach guiding you through a self-discovery process to find the answers within yourself; I do not give you the answers. You as the client are in charge, not me, and you will ultimately determine your own priorities, readiness for change, and answers that lead to an action plan for a lasting transition and transformation of your life.


I strive to have each coaching session light, fun, creative, and meaningful! Toward the end of every session, you will choose a fun and easy ‘homework’ to do that is easily achievable and moves you a bit closer to where you want to be. We will revisit that ‘homework’ on subsequent sessions with no judgement, only potential for empowerment and positive change for you to truly experience and feel the joy of life!

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